ESOL Teachers Project – A partnership with Account3 and Nannyeze

Last year we struggled to find enough ESOL classes in Tower Hamlets at the right time and in the right places for the clients who approached us for help. In light of this we tried to find alternatives and looked at the options.

Some of you will remember, we previously taught the CeLTA course with a private company, for Tower Hamlets graduates that was a very successful project leading to great job outcomes. I tried to get that going again but I couldn’t due to COVID. But theres always a silver lining……..while I was messing about trying to work something out, I came across a free course in Greenwich to teach volunteer ESOL teachers to qualify as teachers. I talked to the provider and they agreed to take women from account3 and Nannyeze, if we provide volunteer placements so that is what is happening, numerous classes at account3. Small classes that meet the group of 6 rules. Classes on Zoom and classes in the parks.

We have identified almost 40 women who fit the criteria & want to be ESOL teachers.
Sonita has been chasing them up for forms, IAG, assessments and now many of them have places on the courses. Others are coming through Maria (our ESOL Teacher) she has agreed to mentor the trainee teacher for the 12 weeks of their teaching course. They are going to deliver ESOL for us as volunteers while they train – and hopefully after they find work. This will be in very small groups in account3 or on zoom. Hope this update is useful.

So if anyone know of anyone who needs an ESOL class or who needs some conversation practice with an ESOL teacher – send a message and Sonita and I will link them to a trainee teacher.